2022-2023 Elected Post 76 Officers

- 5/28/2022

We are happy to announce the newly elected Post Officers for 2022/2023 year. 

Commander Robert C. Hernandez
 Senior Vice Commander
Michael H. Toreno
 Junior Vice Commander
Monica B. Morris
 Quartermaster John A. Roberts
 Chaplain Gilbert M. Cortes
 1 Year Trustee
Norbert J. Hart
 2 Year Trustee
Paul Garza
 3 Year Trustee
Mark D. Jordan
 Adjutant Jesse Castro
 Service Officer
 Judge Advocate
Norbert J. Hart
 Surgeon John A. DeLeon
Please join us in congratulating our newly elected Officers and thanking the Officers of 2021/2022 for all their hard work and making last year a success. We look forward to another great year!!!