2023 - 2024
Position Name
Commander Mike Toreno
SrVc Commander Monica Morris
JrVc Commander John Roberts
Quartermaster John Rodriguez
Adjutant Marc Carrillo
1st Yr Trustee Larry Holt
2nd Yr Trustee Alex Morales
3rd Yr Trustee Paul Garza

Officers Role and Responsibilities

The Post Commander is the key officer of the Post. He/She presides at all meetings, enforces the rules, appoints committees not otherwise provided for, and ensures that the other officers and committee members perform their duties.


The Senior Vice Commander assists the Commander in preserving order, presides in the absence of the Commander and provides advice and assistance as required.


The Junior Vice Commander assists the Commander and Senior Vice in preserving order, presides in the absence of both the Commander and Senior Vice Commander.

The Post Quartermaster has certain definite responsibilities and duties. The Quartermaster is the responsible officer for all Post funds and property and his/her signature validates all checks. He/She keeps the fiscal records for the Post and has the duty of overseeing all financial transactions.


The Post Adjutant is the official corresponding officer of the Post and shall maintain the books and records of the Post, to include copy of applications, minutes of meetings, all current orders and proof of eligibility for all officers.


The Post Service Officer assists members of the Post, their surviving spouses and orphans and other worthy cases in obtaining rightful entitlements from federal and state governments.